CD Covers

CD Covers

Here are various CD cover designs we have created for our clients and customers.  If you look closely you can see that Organik Design Studio was actually hired by TUNECORE to create the compilations CD’s for Amazon’s Music Sampler.  We have also been hired by local and regional artists and bands to create CD covers as well.

CD covers still play an important role in branding an artist.  For the collectors and audiophiles, CD covers will never go away.  The day and age of CD sales has decreased significantly over the years, but even in 2018 its still great to have a branded product that enhances your professional image.  This also applies for business owners who also create audio cd’s or dvd productions.  It’s an older medium but still viable in todays market.  Look below to read a bit more about CD covers, and collection.

Our CD Covers come in the standard size, but we are also able to deliver Digi-packs, or Double sided full color CD Covers.



A little bit about CD collection :

In the late 1940’s, the 45-RPM record replaced the 78-RPM record. The 45 was smaller, less breakable and could be made and sold more cheaply. Despite these advantages, it took ten years before the 78 became obsolete, and in the meantime, record companies sold their product in both formats. In 1982, the major record companies introduced the compact disc, which offered a smaller size, “perfect” sound, and less likelihood of damage in day to day use. As the compact disc offered a much larger profit margin than did the long-play record album (LP) the record companies were eager to rid store shelves of records once and for all. Given that the 78 lasted ten years after the introduction of the 45, it seemed likely that the LP would be gone from the market by 1990. The expected disappearance of the LP never happened. Despite the efforts of the music industry, music fans and collectors not only continue to buy records today, but sales of records and record-playing equipment are on the rise.